Presentation – How to Deliver IT Transformation via Best Practice Service Management

Fox IT exhibited at the Gartner Symposium ITXpo in Barcelona, November 2014 –  Mark Sykes, Principal Consultant at Fox IT, delivered the following presentation at the conference: ‘How to Deliver IT Service Transformation via Best Practice Service Management’.



Recent years have seen an increased emphasis on the relationship between the Business and IT to a point where the relationship between the two has never been more important than it is today. Alongside this, never has the need to deliver stable, efficient and effective service solutions been greater, together with a requirement to have the ability to respond to rapidly changing demands.

View the presentation on how Service Management delivers IT transformation

View the presentation

This presentation discusses how best practice IT service management can be used not only as a way of redefining the relationship between the Business and IT, but also as a mechanism whereby an IT organisation (ITO) can begin to transform their IT service delivery capability in order to better serve their customers’ needs.

Read the paper related to this presentation here

The conclusion of the presentation and the paper:

A transformation project by its very nature will likely take some time, but this shouldn’t put off an ITO from taking these steps as the benefits for both the Business and the ITO will be worth it.

Implementing fully-integrated best practice IT service management, or improving and enhancing what is already in place, will set the necessary foundations for coping in a more digitalised and ever-evolving world, and for becoming the Business’s trusted IT advisor.

Closer alignment and better communication with the Business will lead to a much improved working relationship, and this will in turn begin to lead to an enhancement in the quality of services being delivered. And the cultural transformation within the ITO should also begin to transform the way that IT staff look at the Business and their Customers, ensuring that everyone is pulling in the right direction and for the same end goals.

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