To Bimodal or not to Bimodal? – Service Management Answers the Question

A web conference with Ashley Bassett, Director and Mark Sykes, Principal Consultant at Fox IT. ‘To Bimodal or not to Bimodal’ a presentation exploring the essential role of IT Service Management in both traditional and Agile/Dev Ops IT.

In this webinar we explore who the iT organisation is changing and initiatives to divide the focus of IT organisations into two disciplines. One being the traditional IT and the other, a more agile and Innovative IT function, a new structure referred to as ‘Bimodal IT’. Despite this trend, we also highlight the importance of IT Service Management and the role it plays in effective IT service delivery.

listen to the webinar on bimodal IT and the important of IT Service Management

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It goes without saying that accelerating the business’ services and activities within it’s markets is becoming paramount to the organisations success, as too is the dependance on IT. However, we are seeing a tendency to sacrifice structure, discipline and best practice for short term benefits which also introduce a higher degree of risks to the business.

The conclusion of this webinar is that IT Service Management has the responsibility of ensuring that end-to-end IT Service provision is managed effectively and meets the business’ requirements. The nature in which service governance frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT 5 are implemented, has to be tailored to provide an ‘agile’ framework that supports the business needs. It needn’t be inflexible or too robust, inhibiting service delivery in a suitable or timely manner, nor should it be compromised to drive ineffective innovation or change. We have seen the latter create some highly publicised, high profile and costly IT attributed blunders. Make sure you don’t fall foul of moving forward too fast without the appropriate governance and management or the cost of integration and innovation may be too high a price to pay.

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