Business Relationship Management Fundamentals Course

Business Relationship Management (BRM) Fundamentals introduces BRM as a capability, role, and discipline. The BRM Fundamentals Course Workshop is designed to facilitate an understanding of BRM fundamentals and is open to everyone (at any level and from any role) wanting to learn more about interacting with and/or how to achieve success through the Business Relationship Management profession and create value for the Organisation.

BRM Fundamentals Course

BRM Fundamentals is a part of the BRM Institute Knowledge Path to Success Introduction Series that serves as an addition to BRM Institute’s current BRM certification programs, BRMP® and CBRM®.

BRM Fundamentals Course Answers WHAT, WHY and WHO of Business Relationship Management Capability

Who Should Attend Our BRM Fundamentals Course?

This course is for IT managers, IT Leaders, Business Relationship Managers, Account Managers, Service Managers, Service Owners, Project Managers, Business Analyst, Product Owners, and practitioners involved in the strategy, design, and adoption of Business Relationship Management Capability and who require an insight into Business Relationship Management best practice. There is no specific pre-requisite for this course.

BRM Fundamentals Course Objectives

  • Defining BRM as a capability, role, and discipline.
  • Understanding what a BRM does and does not do.
  • Providing the language needed to change perceptions and perspectives.
  • Learn how the BRM discipline interacts with other disciplines (project management, architecture, Business Analysts, Business functions, strategy, etc..) inside an organization.
  • Basic introduction to the different frameworks, processes and models to bring structure and guidance to BRM.

BRM Fundamentals Course Structure

  • Introductions and Expectations
    • Business Relationship Management Institute.
    • Knowledge Path to Success.
  • Business Relationship Management (BRM) Defined
    • BRM DNA= Develop, Nurture and Advance.
    • BRM is a Capability, Role, and Discipline.
  • Why BRM
    • BRM is the Answer to Converging Functions as Strategic Partners Sharing Ownership of Strategy and Results.
    • BRM Evolves Enterprise Culture.
    • BRM Capability Builds Strategic Partnerships and Drives Business Value.
  • BRM in Action
    • Evolving Enterprise Culture.
    • Building Strategic Partnerships.
    • Driving Business Value.
  • BRM Results
    • Relationships.
    • Business Value.
    • BRM Artifacts.
    • Communications.
  • Wrap Up
    • Reasons BRM Fails.
    • Certificate of Experience: BRM Fundamentals.
    • What is Next

BRM Fundamentals Qualification Structure and Examination

There is no examination for the BRM Fundamentals course. After completion of the BRM Fundamentals course, participants:

    • Will be provided with a FREE 3-month BRM Institute membership
    • Will receive a Certificate of Completion
    • Can register with the BRM Institute for a Certificate of Experience
    • Can enroll with the BRM Institute in the BRM Masters (MBRM®) program

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