Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®)

The CBRM® Practitioner Qualification is intended for the intermediate-to-advanced Business Relationship Manager, as it focuses on advancing to the role of Strategic Business Relationship Manager. As such, the primary focus is on strategic business relationship management, leveraged to optimize business value to the enterprise.
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The purpose of the Practitioner qualification is to confirm whether the candidate has achieved sufficient understanding and competence to perform the role of Strategic Business Relationship Manager.

To pursue the CBRM® certification, a candidate must be a certified Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®).

Who Should Attend Our Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®) Course?

Certified Business Relationship Manager® (CBRM®) is a certification that acknowledges your practical knowledge attained through training, practice, and experience.

The target audiences are IT Leaders, Business Relationship Managers, Account Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Service Owners, Project Managers, Business Analyst, Product Owners, Solution Architects, External Service Provider and Business Relationship Management practitioners involved in the strategy, design, and adoption of Business Relationship Management Capability and who require a deeper understanding BRM BOK (Business Relationship Management Body of Knowledge).

CBRM® Professionals are recognized and desired by employers because they are polished in their BRM skills, produce results, and can help develop others. The CBRM® is for experienced BRM practitioners. To enroll in the CBRM® course and sit for the corresponding certification exam, candidates must demonstrate that they have a solid grasp of the BRM fundamentals by first submitting a copy of their official BRMP® certificate.

CBRM® Course Objectives

The successful candidate will demonstrate deep understanding and ability to perform the Strategic BRM role. Specifically, the candidate will:

  • Effectively communicate the purpose and objectives of the Strategic BRM role and how to optimally position that role for maximum effectiveness within the enterprise.
  • Understand how to use their personal power and influence to build business relationships and foster a culture that excels at business value results.
  • Apply the Strategic Relationship Management processes and techniques to build and sustain trust relationships spanning Business Partner and Provider networks.
  • Be able to assess Business Demand Maturity and Business Relationship Maturity and how these might evolve.
  • Be able to assess Provider Capability Maturity and BRM Competencies and identify key areas needing improvement.
  • Be able to apply cross-organization communication techniques to clearly articulate real Provider/business value delivered to the organization.
  • Be able to influence executive leaders in their use of Provider Capabilities and Assets based upon potential business value and convergence with business strategy.
  • Promote and catalyze business innovation in the Provider’s sphere of influence.
  • Be able to use the Business Value Management process, techniques and metrics to define, realize and optimize the value of Provider capabilities and assets.
  • Apply Business Partner Experience Management so as to foster a positive Business Partner perception of Provider capabilities as an essential element of building and sustaining trust relationships.
  • Shape strategic agendas for optimum business value, with due consideration of external compliance requirements and potential risks to the business.
  • Understand the implications of Lean/Agile methods for the BRM role and capability.
  • Influence the development and deployment of available Provider capabilities based upon business need and potential to enable or create business value.
  • Apply Business Capability Management to determine and acquire enabling capabilities pursuant to strategic outcomes.
  • Contribute to Business Transition Management in order to foster organizational understanding, support, adoption, and business value results of investments in new business capabilities.

CBRM® Course Structure

The CBRM® training and certification program is intended for the intermediate-to-advanced Business Relationship Manager, as it focuses on advancing to the role of Strategic Business Relationship Manager. As such, the primary focus is on strategic business relationship management, leveraged to optimize business value to the enterprise. BRM Institute’s CBRM Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) and Registered Providers (RPs) are responsible to deliver courses and administer corresponding professional certification examinations. The CBRM training and certification are offered in various ways to allow for various schedules and learning preferences.

  • BRMP Re-cap : Explain the House of BRM, recalling the BRM Core Disciplines, competencies required for the BRM role, and necessary conditions for protecting the integrity of the role.
  • Assessing BRM Context.
  • Understanding Business Relationship Maturity and Value.
  • Optimising Business Value.
  • Developing Strategic Relationships.
  • Summary and CBRM Exam Preparation.

Accreditation Information:

CBRM® Course Qualification Structure and Examination

The class is a Three-day course with the exam taken on the third day at the end of the course. The exam format is a supervised, closed-book exam, it consists of 4 questions worth 20 marks each, giving a maximum of 80 total marks. The exam is scenario-based and the duration is 2.5 hours. Candidates must get 40 (50%) or more of the questions correct to pass the exam. Candidates will need the CBRM Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge to use as a reference source during the exam. No other materials are permitted.

Upon class enrollment, delegates will be eligible for a one-time use 50% discount off the price of BRM Institute Professional Membership.


Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) certificate.

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