COBIT5 Assessor Training Course

This COBIT®5 Assessor training course enables delegates to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the COBIT5 Process Capability Model and assessment approach, introduced briefly on the Foundation course. COBIT5 Assessor provides more practical guidance and examples for assessment and reporting. It also prepares delegates for the COBIT5 practitioner-style Assessor Certificate examination.


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Who Should Attend Our COBIT5 Assessor Training Courses?

This course is for consultants who want to learn how to carry out formal assessments in a certified manner, or informal assessments, often as a basis for further improvement as part of an implementation assignment. The pre-requisite is the COBIT5 Assessor certificate. COBIT5 Implementation is useful but not a specific pre-requisite.

The Course Objectives

  • Different types of assessment (informal and formal) and experience requirements for (lead) assessors
  • Introduction to COBIT5 Assessor Guide and Process Assessment Model, and how to use them
  • Main steps in an assessment, including scoping, preparation, briefing (of team), gathering of evidence including documentary and interview, validation of data, process capability rating and justification, and reporting
  • Prepares delegates for the COBIT5 Assessor examination

The Course Structure

Classroom: This is an instructor-led classroom (physical or virtual) based course that uses a combination of lectures, group discussions, assignments and sample exams to reinforce the key learning topics, and is based on ISACA guidelines as documented in the COBIT5 Process Assessment Model and Assessor Guide (a hard copies of which are provided as part of the course materials and are required for the open-book exam).

The COBIT5 Assessor Qualification

The COBIT5 Assessor Certificate. The format for the exam paper is 80 multiple-choice questions (normally in 4 main sections). It is a supervised, open-book exam (COBIT5 Process Assessment Model and Assessor Guide only) – the duration of which is a maximum of 2 hours 30 minutes if taken in the delegate’s native language.

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