COBIT5 INCS Training Course

This COBIT®5 INCS (Implementing the NIST Cyber Security framework using COBIT5) training course enables delegates to gain knowledge and understanding of the Cyber Security Framework (CSF) from NIST (National Institute for Standards in Technology), as implemented using the ISACA COBIT5 Implementation approach. This is to promote awareness within an enterprise of Cyber Security threats, and a systematic approach to risk identification, prevention, reduction, detection, response and correction. It also prepares delegates for the COBIT5 INCS Certificate examination.

Download the COBIT INCS flier


Download the COBIT5 INCS Flier

Who Should Attend Our COBIT5 INCS Training Courses?

This course is for business managers, chief executives, IT/IS auditors, internal auditors, information security and IT practitioners; consultants, IT/IS managers requiring an insight into the COBIT5 and NIST approach to Cyber Security in the enterprise. There is no specific pre-requisite for this course, although knowledge of the 5 principles and 7 steps of implementation of COBIT5 (from a COBIT5 Foundation course or the ISACA COBIT5 Business Framework publication) would be most beneficial, as would understanding of general information security or risk management.

The COBIT5 INCS Course Objectives

  • COBIT®5 key elements: 5 principles; 7 enablers; 7 implementation steps; process capability levels
  • Drivers for the CSF (executive order)
  • CSF steps and links for 5 principles
  • CSF overview of components: core; tiers; profiles
  • Details of the core functions: Identify; Protect; Detect; Respond; Recover
  • Details of the 4 tiers: Partial; Risk Informed; Repeatable; Adaptive
  • Details of the framework Profile
  • Details of each of the 7 steps of implementing the CSF
  • Prepares delegates for the COBIT®5 INCS examination.

The COBIT5 INCS Course Structure

Classroom: This is an instructor-led classroom (physical or virtual) based course that uses a combination of lectures, group discussions, assignments and sample exams to reinforce the key learning topics, and is based on ISACA guidelines as documented in the COBIT5 Framework for Business (available for purchase or PDF download separately). An ISACA pocket-guide to NIST CSF (Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework) is also available for purchase separately, and is usually provided in the classroom, and recommended reading before taking the exam.

The COBIT5 Professional Qualification

The Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT5 Certificate. The format for the exam paper is 75 multiple-choice questions. It is a supervised, closed-book exam – the duration of which is normally a maximum of 80 minutes if taken in the delegate’s native language

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