Helping Select the Right ITSM Tool for You!


Selecting a new ITSM toolset is something that will have long-lasting consequences, so it is important that an organisation makes the right decision based on business needs rather than relying on marketing material. The FoxSELECT™ service facilitates independent analysis of all IT service management tools to provide a view of how they compare to your actual business requirements. FoxSELECT™ can also aid your ITSM toolset selection decision by evaluating tools to see how well they support service management best practice

FoxSELECT - Helping choose the right ITSM Tool

As with all Fox IT® service offerings, the FoxSELECT™ service can be tailored to the exact requirements of your organisation. It is delivered by one of our highly experienced consultants, all of whom have a wealth of real world tool experience, to ensure the best possible tailored solution. The FoxSELECT™ service features the following:

  • Provides a centralised view of all stakeholder requirements
  • Fully scalable and customisable to the client’s specific requirements
  • Fast implementation and central dashboard view of results regardless of your stakeholder distribution.

By being vendor independent, Fox IT can offer you totally impartial analysis – delivering the best possible solution for your needs.

Benefits Of ITSM Tool Selection

  • Avoids unnecessary expenditure on inadequate tools
  • Increases the buy-in by your stakeholders by increasing their participation and considering all their requirements during the assessment
  • Provides an independent and comprehensive view of the reality of the proposed solution and whether it suits your actual requirements as opposed to the sales spin
  • It is driven by both ITIL® best practice and your specific business requirements
  • Supports your business case and your decisions by detailing the tool requirements and the most appropriate solution
  • Justifies your procurement by clearly highlighting what you are buying and why
  • Maximises your ROI giving you the best possible solution for your investment