Visual Thinking – The Problem Solving Training

A Powerful, Simple And Fun Way To Solve Business Problems.

We Are Going To Use Simple Pictures To:

  • Clarify complex ideas for ourselves, our teams, and our clients.
  • Convey strategy, data, and insights in a memorable and actionable way.
  • Discover innovative ways to solve difficult business problems.

Visual Thinking


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Who Should Attend

The workshop is for all who face a problem and want to find a better way to solve it. If you brainstorm, innovate, plan, design, sell, manage, communicate, lead, present, You will benefit from the lessons of visual thinking taught in the workshop.

Visual Thinking


Visual thinking is a trainable, repeatable, and scientifically-based program that delivers real results.

Visual Thinking
Visual Thinking

We will spend two full days looking at the big picture and the details.

Day 1:
  • Visual Thinking — What is — Why
  • The Visual Thinking Toolkit — What does it contain
  • Using the Built-in Tools
  • The eyes
  • The mind’s eye
  • The hands & eyes
  • The Visual Thinking Problem-solving Process
  • Looking:

    • “Whoever is best able … is the person most likely to solve It,”
    • “Whoever draws the best picture …”
    • Active looking: The Four Rules To


    • “We can’t solve a problem we can’t see”
    • The 6×6 Rue of seeing
    • Which problem?
    • Which picture?
    • The right picture for any problem

    Day 2:


    • “Those who see the possibilities, win”
    • Meet the SQVID
    • Exploring the breadth of an idea
    • Practical lessons in applied visual imagination.


    • “The more human the picture”
    • Why seeing is believing
    • Putting it together
    • Drawing conclusions