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Fox IT Delivers Accredited RESILIA Training Courses

RESILIA is a the application of cyber-security using the already-proven best practice ITIL service lifecycle framework. It offers practical knowledge to enhance existing management strategies and help align cyber resilience with IT operations, security and incident management.

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Using the lifecycle it develops the skills and insight needed to prevent where possible, detect, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks. The RESILIA approach is not about being perfect in preventing any possible cyber-attack, but in taking sensible precautions, and preparing to be resilient if (or rather when) a cyber-attack strikes. Resilient here means able to withstand (and deal with) such attacks, but still be able to keep going, to serve the business and customers, and to maintain reputation and customer confidence. Not just once, but with a continual cycle of security-related risk assessment and management.

RESILIA Training – Benefits for individuals

  • Awareness of Cyber Security and what Resilience means
  • Understanding of key concepts and terms
  • Awareness of how their role can help (or hinder) Cyber Resilience
  • Improving their value to the company and beyond
  • Understanding of how Cyber Resilience fits into a larger framework

RESILIA Training – Benefits to an organisation

  • Keeping the value of the organisation within the organisation
  • Clarity and confidence throughout the organisation if or when a cyber attack occurs
  • Alignment between incident management, information security and IT operations
  • Enhanced control, reporting and governance
  • A framework to exploit ITIL best practice investments


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