ITSM Transformation – Details

Key aspects that form part of ITSM Transformation


Process Design Implementation
The Fox IT approach utilises a fully interactive web-based process knowledge database that assists in the design, implementation and management of Service Management processes – FoxPRISM™. Whether used before, during or after an implementation of Service Management processes and/or supporting technology, FoxPRISM™ will help deliver lower cost and earlier business benefits.

Pre-formed process flows, template documentation, RACI charts and example KPIs all based on best practice will help to accelerate and formulise your ITSM implementation. Our consultants are skilled in adapting these models to provide pragmatic solutions for your environment and culture. Read more about FoxPRISM™ →

Improvement Planning & Execution
Our planning activities extend from ‘roadmap’ timelines based on recommendations and your business priorities through to detailed project lifecycle plans. Fox IT operates a methodology whereby ITSM projects are fully-scoped by senior consultants whose skill-sets and market sector exposure complement the project’s outline. It is a collaborative exercise bringing together all stakeholders including process and technology specialists.

Independently or building on the outputs from the initial assessment phase activities, and with a clear understanding of the agreed scope for improvement or deployment, we will work with you to provide consultancy and leadership to address the recommendations identified, including the production of the required supporting documentation. This collaborative effort provides a ‘Quick Start’ solution by exploiting Fox IT experience and resources.

Monitoring and measurement of on-going process operation ensures that the requirements have been met and the success criteria achieved and maintained. Throughout any of our engagements our consultants remain committed to provide mentoring and guidance support.

The depth of consultant involvement (e.g. advisory, ‘hand holding’, full ‘hands on’) and the division of effort between customer resources and Fox IT is totally adaptable as we understand influencing factors such as client resource availability, capability, budgets and timelines.

Service Level Management and Service Catalogue Management
The lack of a formal service catalogue containing a definitive list of services and the lack of service level agreements (SLAs) can be an inhibitor to business relationship management, service level management and other key processes such as request fulfilment.

Implementing a service catalogue will also provide a useful foundation for any subsequent activities that may be instigated in respect of creating a service portfolio and implementing a service portfolio management process, as well as demand management.

This Fox IT service is designed to range from an onsite education and facilitation exercise to help organisations understand SLA/SLM/Service Catalogue concepts, developing practical and pragmatic planning for implementation, through to a more ‘hands-on’ practical guidance and facilitation to develop SLAs and a Service Catalogue.

The work guides you through the process and gives confidence that this is being done with the benefit of experience, plus the ‘know-how’ to take this forward independent of consultant help.

Measuring Performance
Measurement is a key factor to driving continuous improvement. Only by planning clear measures and targets, checking the results and appropriate actions can IT organisations expect to maintain a minimum of management control. Many organisations over time have organically created reporting structures that no longer deliver value. Selecting the ‘right’ things to measure and prioritising corrective actions on priority topics can be vital in ensuring IT ‘value add’, resourcing alignment, business integration and improved customer confidence.

Fox IT has acquired a vast array of measures ranging from strategic balanced scorecards (BSCs) through to KPIs supporting critical success factors and to metrics to set baselines and measure trends. This can be further supported by customer satisfaction survey design and implementation.

Our consultants can advise on the best measurement options for your organisation without unduly increasing the reporting overhead. Read our articles on KPI measurement – “Lies, Damned Lies and KPIS” and “Balanced Scorecards Part 1, Route To Better Business Alignment”.

Business Relationship Management
Business relationship management (BRM) has immense value in building closer ties by reassuring the business customer that the IT organisation (ITO) not only understands their challenges but that it is ‘as one’ in meeting them, thus helping to achieve better business alignment. Having effective communication and a mature BRM process is critical for any ITO in their overall service delivery responsibilities.

Fox IT can help by assessing current practices, barriers and issues before establishing and growing an effective BRM process. Templates provide a quick start solution where no formalised activity exists. The result ensures a framework for on-going relationship maturity, awareness of customer requirements, changing business environments and perspectives, strategies and drivers, competitors, etc.

Formulating and operating the BRM process shouldn’t been seen as a chore. It is the foundation of all our other ITSM services. If you don’t have an effective relationship with your business customer you could end up not having a customer to provide services to! Any ITO not investing effort in this area does so at their peril. Read more about ‘Putting the Business into Relationship Management’.

Supplier Management
In today’s multi-vendor supply chains how can you ensure that suppliers are delivering their services in accordance with the terms agreed as set out in the Contract and the supplier Service Level Agreement (SLA)? Equally, with increased regulatory and audit controls can you prove:

  • that contracts with suppliers are aligned with SLAs that have been agreed with the business?
  • regular reviews take place to ensure that the business needs and any contractual obligations continue to be met and that value for money is being obtained?
  • a formal process exists for handling contractual disputes?
  • performance against targets is measured, actions for improvement identified and acted upon?

Fox IT can help to manage the relationships with third parties by designing a process appropriate to your organisation that covers:

  • the evaluation and procurement of new contracts and suppliers
  • the establishment of new suppliers and contracts
  • the categorisation of suppliers and contracts and the population of the supplier and contracts database
  • the management of the supplier and contract performance
  • the management of the end of term of a contract

The output will:

  • establish and improve effective two way working relationships with suppliers
  • establish agreed monitoring of supplier performance
  • enhance service delivery through continuous improvement

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