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Fox IT’s IT Strategy and Planning service can begin to help you address some of the key questions and issues that may emanate from your current set-up.

The IT organisation has traditionally been treated as an entity separate from the business, with IT management focused on the daily effective and efficient supply of IT services and IT operations. Many now recognise that that the relationship is broader and needs to concentrate not only on performing, but also on transforming IT to meet present and future business demands.

Key questions that you should be asking yourself include:

  • Are you doing the right things?
  • Are you doing them the right way?
  • Are they are being done well enough?
  • Are you reaping the benefits?
  • Are you adaptable enough to grow and learn?
  • Are you recognising opportunities and acting on them?

Are these some of the key issues being experienced:

  • No change to the status quo: boring, missing business opportunities?
  • Low return on investment achieved?
  • The business challenging IT costs?
  • Increased barrier building with an ‘us and them’ attitude?
  • Customer dissatisfaction and growing disillusionment on what value IT provide?

Fox IT help organisations implement structures, processes and relational mechanisms to forge closer ties between IT and the business.

Today’s successful organisations demand well planned and well-executed IT service provision to support their business services. The goal of any good IT organisation should be to deliver – and demonstrate that it is delivering – value from its services, showing how these services contribute directly to the end goals of its business customers.

The inability to express value in quantitative terms can result in unsupported improvement initiatives and the true contribution of IT being unrecognised. If you’re looking to start on a service improvement programme (SIP) and wanting to measure the financial benefits, or maybe putting a business case together and trying to get justification for implementing a SIP, then Fox IT can support you.


There are many aspects to having a successful ITSM framework and management system, but strategy and planning should be at its core. Getting it right at the very start will deliver benefits sooner and be more cost-effective in the long-run, but there’s no shame in admitting things aren’t quite how they should be today and calling upon some independent advice.

Contact Fox IT today and speak to one of our consultants about what your next steps should be.

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