IT Strategy And Planning Service 2

Fox IT’s IT Strategy and Planning service can be customised to fit an organisation’s exact requirements, but typical activities will include the following:

ITSM Toolset Selection

To achieve IT service transformation your tools need to align with your business processes and requirements. The correct technology choice and optimisation can drastically increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, thereby reducing cost and improving customer satisfaction.

The FoxSELECT™ service facilitates independent analysis of any IT service management tools to provide a view of how they compare to your actual business requirements. FoxSELECT™ can also aid your ITSM tool selection decision by evaluating tools to see how well they support service management best practice. Read more about FoxSELECT™

Business Relationship Management

Business relationship management (BRM) has immense value in building closer ties by reassuring the business customer that the IT organisation (ITO) not only understands their challenges but that it is ‘as one’ in meeting them, thus helping to achieve better business alignment. Having effective communication and a mature BRM process is critical for any ITO in their overall service delivery responsibilities.

Fox IT can help by assessing current practices, barriers and issues before establishing and growing an effective BRM process. Templates provide a quick start solution where no formalised activity exists. The result ensures a framework for ongoing relationship maturity, awareness of customer requirements, changing business environments and perspectives, strategies and drivers, competitors, etc.

Formulating and operating the BRM process shouldn’t been seen as a chore. It is the foundation of all our other ITSM services. If you don’t have an effective relationship with your business customer you could end up not having a customer to provide services to! Any ITO not investing effort in this area does so at their peril. Read more about ‘Putting the Business into Relationship Management’.

Supplier Management

In today’s multi-vendor supply chains, how can you ensure that suppliers are delivering their services in accordance with the terms agreed as set out in a contract? Equally, with increased regulatory and audit controls can you prove:

  • contracts with suppliers are aligned with service level agreements that have been agreed with the business?
  • regular reviews take place to ensure that the business needs and any contractual obligations continue to be met and that value for money is being obtained?
  • a formal process exists for handling contractual disputes?
  • performance against targets is measured, actions for improvement are identified and acted upon?

Fox IT can help to manage the relationships with third parties by designing a process appropriate to your organisation that covers:

  • the evaluation and procurement of new contracts and suppliers
  • the establishment of new suppliers and contracts
  • the categorisation of suppliers and contracts and the population of a supplier and contracts database
  • the management of the supplier and contract performance
  • the management of a contract ‘end-of-term’

The output will:

  • establish and improve effective two way working relationships with suppliers
  • establish agreed monitoring of supplier performance
  • enhance service delivery through continuous improvement

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