Fox IT Support Policies and Processes for Fox IT Applications

Fox IT Support Policies and Processes for Fox IT Applications


The purpose of this document is to detail the Fox IT applications (FoxPRISM, FoxMAPS and FoxSELECT) Customer Support Policy.

Customer support policies are subject to change at Fox IT’s discretion.


Fox IT Customer Support is looking forward to working with you.

All requests for support should be submitted by email to:


Eligibility for Customer Support Services

As a customer, you can receive Fox IT Support services as soon as:

  • The Fox IT applications products are properly licensed by you and you have a current and valid maintenance contract with Fox IT, and
  • You are registered with Fox IT Customer Support

Registering with Fox IT Customer Support

Unless otherwise agreed, you can designate up to 5customer support contacts within your organisation.  The contacts must be trained and users of the applicable Fox IT applications.

The role of the customer support contact for your organisation is to serve as the first level of support for your users, to log support requests for everyone in your organisation, and to be the sole point of contact for Fox IT Support in case of a technical problem.

To avoid interruptions in support services, you must notify Fox IT Support whenever the support contact responsibilities are transferred to another individual. 

To register your support contacts, send the following information to with the subject “Customer Portal Contact Request: [Company Name, Contact Name, Job Title, Email Address, Primary Phone Number, and Work Address with the specific Fox IT applications you would like the contact assigned] 

Customer Support Services

Application Updates

“Updates” are subsequent releases to the Fox IT applications you have purchased that Fox IT makes generally available to its current customers. Updates include major and minor subsequent releases of the applications, service packs, hot fixes or error corrections, as well as applications documentation updates. Updates do not include optional, additional or future products that Fox IT licenses separately. 

Updates are provided when available, and Fox IT is under no obligation to develop any future applications or functionality. 

For Major and minor releases, these will take place outside of business hours as stipulated in the Fox IT Application agreement. Notifications will be sent via email to the support contracts in advance of the release.

Technical Support

Technical support consists of assistance with support requests and includes email and phone support during standard business hours.  Fox IT’s standard business hours are 9am – 5pm (UK), except for holidays observed by Fox IT.

Technical support is provided for problems that are demonstrable in the current and supported Fox IT releases, running unaltered on an appropriate hardware and operating system configured as specified in the Fox IT documentation.  Fox IT shall only be obligated to provide support for the applications as delivered by Fox IT.  Fox IT shall have no obligation to provide Maintenance for any applications that has been altered or modified by any party, other than Fox IT, except in it’s accepted and intended modifications as used by you and your administrator level users.

If the customer does not properly follow documented procedures and requires more than five (5) support calls in connection with a single support request, Fox IT reserves the right to charge hourly support fees in accordance with Fox IT’s then-current consulting rates. 

Logging a Customer Support Request

Please email as above

Provide a thorough description of the issue:

Issue– Complete description with as much detail as possible. 

Steps to Reproduce– Include all pertinent steps leading to issue and the details (Job Title and User Class) of the user experiencing the issue. Please also note if this is happening consistently or sporadically, the frequency, and if it is happening for one user, all users with a similar attribute (Job Title, User Class, etc.), or all users. 

Environment Information– List any changes in the environments that the issue is occurring in.  Also provide ANY and ALL changes that have been made in the environment since the last time the scenario worked without an issue, and any other special notes about the environment in which the issue is occurring. 

Impact to Business– Provide a clear description of impact to the business including as applicable, # of users impacted, # of processes impacted, data impacted, financial impact etc. 

Workarounds– List all possible workarounds you have identified and the opinion on viability of each workaround. 

Attachments– List all attachments including screenshots, log files, etc. and any notes the customer contact has on the files, errors, etc. 

Fox IT Case Severity and Response Times

The Fox IT Support person will classify your support request Severity.

Serious Incident

The issue prevents the execution of business process, causing disruption of a major business function. It is causing serious impact on daily functions or processing and there is no acceptable workaround 

Response time to initial request – 4 business hours
Remedial action within 8 business hours of the initial request and shall continue until temporary repair, workaround of final remediation is in place.

Standard Incident

The issue does not prevent the execution of business process and there is no impact on date integrity. The issues may have a workaround.  

Response time to initial request – 8 business hours
Remedial action within 2 business days of the initial request and shall continue until temporary repair, workaround of final remediation is in place.


An enquiry or request for support that has no impact on business process.  Examples include cosmetic defects or enhancements requirements.

Response time to initial request – 3 business days 
Remedial action within 3 business days of the initial request and shall continue until temporary repair, workaround of final remediation is in place.

Third Party Incidents

In the unlikely event that an incident has occurred with the hosting provider for any online services (FoxPRISM and FoxLEARN), Fox IT will communicate this issue with the customer. This incident is beyond Fox IT’s control and will work with the SLAs with the hosting provider.  In general, incidents are resolved within 8 business hours. Severe cases no more than 48 hours.

Out of Scope Services

Fox IT has no obligation to provide any service other than those set forth in this Support policy and paid for by the customer.  Support services exclude the following, any of which may be obtained from Fox IT on an as-available basis under a Professional Services engagement: 

  • Implementation services 
  • Migration services 
  • Personnel training services 
  • On-site troubleshooting 
  • Integration and/or Conversion services and any “customisations” 

Professional Services are billed on a time and materials basis, plus travel and accommodation expenses of the Fox IT personnel. 

Fox IT trademark

Fox IT® is a registered trademark of Fox IT SM Limited