BRMP ® Training & Certification for Global IT Leader

Fox IT – India recently conducted a Business Relationship Management Professional Workshop for one of the largest IT Organizations.

The BRMP® Training and Certification Workshop was attended by 20 seasoned Senior Management and Middle Management Professionals and their responsibilities included Relationship Management with Key Business Partners (Customer Stakeholders at CXO Level), Service Delivery Management, Service Management for Global Customers.

The session was conducted by Mr. Avinash Singh (Practice Head for Business Relationship Management Practice and Country Manager of Fox IT – India)

The “Interactive”, “Engaging” and “No Slides” workshop covered “7” modules namely:

  • Business Relationship Management Overview – BRM as Role, Discipline and Capability, the need of BRM Capability in the digital transformation age, Convergence Mindset vs Alignment Mindset, Strategic v/s tactical BRM Focus areas
  • Strategic Partnering Approach – The Mindset, Process and Techniques to form Strong “Converged” Relationships with Business Partners and Key Stakeholders
  • Business IQ – Value Management, Value Creation and Preventing Value Leakage, the need and benefits of having a strong Business Understanding in understanding and Shaping Demand
  • Portfolio Management – Portfolio balancing and Portfolio as a tool for Demand Shaping and Management
  • Provider Domain – How Strong understanding of Provider capabilities helps in co-creating value for business partners and leveraging
  • Business Transition Management – Effectively managing change as a Change Agent for Business and IT Transformation initiatives
  • Powerful Communication – Culture mapping for effective communication, Influencing techniques

The “hands-on” workshop also enabled delegates to learn, practice the Methods, Processes and Techniques of driving “Convergence” with their Business partners (Customers) and included tailored exercises for the delegates which could be applied in their respective environments:

  • Demand Provider Maturity Model – Understanding and Calibrating Business Demand and Provider Supply
  • Business Relationship Maturity Model – Understanding the current level of Relationship Maturity between Business Partner (Customer) and Provider function and ways of improving it
  • Difference in Strategic and Tactical Business Relationship Manager focus areas, roles and responsibilities and mapping who play the strategic and Tactical BRM within their environment
  • Strategic Partnering techniques – Understanding and prioritizing customer expectations, diagnosing relationship strength with key customers and then creating a Relationship Strategy, Relationship improvement plan to form strategic partnership with their customers rather being a Transactional service provider.

The Workshop was well received by the delegates with loads of learnings that they thought can help in improving the Business Relationship Management capability with their customers and nurture and establish “Converged” Strategic Partnership with their business partners.

The workshop culminated with Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) Foundation examination which all the 20 delegates passed with flying colors.

Best Wishes to the 20 “Convergers” for Co-creating value for their organization and Business Partners and achieving higher personal, professional and societal purpose.