To Close Or Not To Close [A Problem], That Is The Question!

Do you have issues with problems never being resolved?
Are they being worked on by support teams for what seems like an eternity?
How old is the oldest problem that you have outstanding?

In the past I have had experience of problem records that have been open for 5 (yes five!) years; now in my opinion if you haven’t got a root cause/solution after 5 years, the likelihood of obtaining one is pretty slim. These questions arise time and again on client projects so Fox IT has partnered with BrightTALK to present a webinar on 19th June (from 09.00-09.45 BST) to take a look at this situation and provide some advice about how you long you should go on searching for a solution. We will also discuss another related topic: when you have implemented a fix, how long should you wait before closing the problem record? Do you close it immediately, or do you wait a week, a month, or even longer?

Also, when handling an incident at what stage should you initiate problem management? Some organisations continue working with an incident record right through until resolution; other organisations will create a problem record if an incident cannot be fixed – but then how does the principle of incident management (restoring service as quickly as possible) hold true if problem management is trying to determine a root cause and a workaround or solution? Going back to my first point of a problem being open for 5 years; hopefully the user isn’t still waiting for their incident to be resolved!

You need to find sensible and efficient ways to answer these problems, so join me for this webinar on Problem Management where I will be drawing on my real-life experiences – both as an ITSM consultant of many years and formerly as Problem Manager at Sainsbury’s – to give you some practical and effective solutions.

You can see the presentation on line here →


Mark Sykes
Fox IT Principal Consultant

Mark Sykes has been in the IT Service Management industry for over 25 years. During his 13 years with Fox IT, Mark has delivered Fox IT’s Service Management Assessment, Consultancy, Product and Training Services globally to a wide variety of clients from both the Public and Private sectors. He has helped a significant number of clients transform the way they deliver core services, including Incident Management and Problem Management. Prior to joining Fox IT, Mark spent 18 years at Sainsbury’s Supermarkets performing various roles including 10 years on the Service Desk, a year as Problem Manager and over 3 years as Second-Line Support Manager.