IT Enriched Business Services – Which ISO Is Appropriate?

There has been a lot of discussion, over the last few years, concerning certifying and auditing those IT-enriched business services within the ISO Auditors’ community.

How would you certify or manage services like sending flowers to your partner, booking flights to the next business destination or even repair services for all the many kinds of devices imaginable?

There is a lot of IT involved, both professional and technical services as well as many business processes which are not pre-defined within a framework such as ITIL® or a standard such as ISO/IEC 20000.

On the other side, drafting and composing all those processes, policies and procedures manually, ignoring reusable best practice, losing the scope and running (possibly different) management systems redundantly are not, and can never be, real options.

For some, maybe the notorious omission of business risk approach, service catalogues, service composition (another term for service configuration), business and supplier relationships, or the lack of attention to secured off-site storage and maintenance of evidence within the actual ISO 9001-practice was enough reason to avoid the ISO 9001 option.

Maybe those times will end next year. ISO itself has started a paradigm shift within the review for the coming ISO 9001:2015.

It begins with new terms, a new structure of documentation and sometimes an ex-post re-adoption of structures, which can be found within other already existing ISO norms.

One key piece of information: ISO 9001:2015 will be more service oriented, clearer in scope and more transparent in showing and evaluating both value and process chains, especially for IT-enriched business services.

From now on, we will keep you informed about this new phenomenon in the field of service management.

Dr. Helmut Steigele
Director Central Europe
Fox IT