Your tool to designing, documenting, auditing and improving your service management practices, processes and policies.


FoxPRISM™ is a fully interactive process design tool that helps our clients with the development, implementation and management of Service Management processes. It delivers a detailed knowledge base for IT users to acquire and follow key policy and processes (to level 4 procedures) to drive efficiency and productivity to the business.

This new centrally-hosted version comprises templates for 46 different processes, which clients can access via a subscriber licence and also provides Fox IT with an easy and speedy capability for providing customers with new content updates, such as the new ITIL 4 practices and the latest edition of ISO/IEC  20000.

Here are some comments from a few of our clients that have benefitted from utilising FoxPRISM:

  • FoxPRISM not only facilitated expediting the production of agreed processes, policies, and other associated documentation, but it was also a key mechanism for disseminating the information across the organisation and for presenting the processes to auditors, showing them a complete set of SMS processes with all of their interfaces and interdependencies clearly identified.
  • The customised version of FoxPRISM provided easy access to anyone within the organisation to all of the reference material for the processes being implemented.
  • FoxPRISM provided a valuable way of stimulating good discussion and getting to a position of agreeing each globally-aligned process (and associated policies and metrics) much quicker than would otherwise have been possible.
  • Another benefit of the accelerated timescales for these activities were the savings in effort, time and cost.
  • Integrating customised content into FoxPRISM gave instant visibility of it across the organisation, anywhere in the world.
  • Process and ITSM toolset training material was integrated into FoxPRISM and the tool then became not only a focal reference point for users but also a vital tool in the on-boarding of new starters.

Introduction to the FoxPRISM


FoxPRISM - Helping clients design, implement and manage Service Management Processes

Processes are typically detailed with the following breakdown:

  1. Overarching integrated process framework
  2. The ‘key elements’ of a process (based on best practice definitions)
  3. The main ‘process map’ highlighting the key stages of the process
  4. The individual ‘sub-process maps’ that detail the specific activities of executing the process, and which are supported by underpinning procedures and RACI matrices
  5. Process Assessment and maturity report


Supporting Process Implementation

FoxPRISM™ provides a customisable framework onto which organisations can map and build their own process models. The process and sub-process maps are designed to be easily customised by a client so that they become organisation-specific and subsequently provide an accurate representation of their current and/or future state way of working.

In addition to the process models, clients also have access to a repository of over 150 supporting documents and templates, such as policies, plans, service level agreements, operational level agreements, service catalogue, risk register, job descriptions, metrics & key performance indicators, etc.

Whether used before, during or after an implementation of Service Management processes and/or supporting technology, FoxPRISM™ will help deliver lower cost and earlier business benefits, via:

  • An accelerated implementation time
  • Reduced costs through more effective use of resources
  • Reduced risk in using an approach based on proven templates and many years of proven implementation experience
  • More effective deployment of supporting technology via alignment to business processes
  • Ongoing detailed audits and reports for continuous reference and service improvement
  • Knowledge repository to aid consistent use and the induction of new staff


Easy To Use And Understand

FoxPRISM™ is a web-based process tool that is easy to customise and maintain, via online access to the FoxPRISM platform plus the use of MS Excel and MS Visio. Flowcharts (designed in a swimlane format) and supporting text (i.e. procedures) are combined to illustrate processes and provide a reference that can be easily accessed, maintained and understood.

It enables information to be easily shared across the entire organisation and can be utilised as a single point of reference, or indeed used as a single repository for all information


FoxPRISM™ Maturity Self Assessment

Incorporated within FoxPRISM is Fox IT’s full assessment questionnaire set, allowing for self assessment across each process providing a summary maturity rating for each one along with a set of improvement actions and an executive dashboard that provides an overview of maturity across all ITSM disciplines. The prefect tool to create your improvement strategy as well as monitor processes over time.


FoxPRISM™ Licensing Model

FoxPRISM™ is licensed at two different levels: Administrator / Process Owner that provides maintenance access to the toolset to design new or amend current processes and procedures (as well as to integrate and maintain other reference material), and a Reader license with read-only access to the knowledge base contents.  This simple, low-cost, pricing model can help an organisation to deliver a rapid return on their initial investment, plus there is no additional onboarding costs to get up and running.

The user model and design of the tool is fully configurable to meet client requirements and branding. Free training is provided to the Administrator on how to maintain and customise FoxPRISM, this is supplemented by ‘how to’ videos that cover everything that is needed to manage the tool.

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