IT Services Post Covid-19, Supporting the Wheels of Industry

IT Services Post Covid-19, Supporting the Wheels of Industry

Supporting the Wheels of Industry

Within days of respective governments making decisions to go into lockdown, businesses, schools, and transport came to a stop. Full stop. Virtually immediately.

Today, nearly two months later, and with us all having come to terms with the challenges the situation brings and recognising the unpredictable changes of the future, we are still bound by the simple rules of physics. Putting the brakes on was relatively simple (albeit at times uncomfortable), however getting the wheels turning again will require an enormous amount of effort and energy, not to mention courage and innovation. To slam on the brakes in the face of danger and difficulty is an instinctive action. Getting going again is not.

As we’ve witnessed with previous events, we’re going to see a readjustment in business behaviors and strategy – almost a kneejerk against a worst-case scenarios. We’re going to see the same this time around, but with an added dimension that almost all industries will be ‘cranking’ their wheels but through different gears, then they would expect to. Getting back to any level of business-as-usual is going to be slow and progressive.

With the expectation of a slow recovery, businesses will be forced towards cost reduction initiatives while at the same time move into a new model of delivering business services. This will surely place an increased dependency in IT systems, a need to increase more automation, efficiencies, and output. See our previous article titled “Theres’ nothing more certain than uncertainties”.

But here is the slightly better news for IT. Many of the current systems and processes that underpin the business operations are already in place. This dependency will take the shape of demand, availability, and capacity.

While there shouldn’t be much to redesign and develop, there are certain areas that will require consideration and attention.

  1. New remote working practices will need broader and longer support services.
  2. Employees utilising corporate IT services from public (home) networks will require articulated security policies and infrastructure.
  3. All staff will need easier access to processes and procedures to help them ensure they are following correct business practices, now more so than ever given less face-to-face collaboration
  4. Metrics and key performance indicators may become a more important factor in measuring and managing performance (both service and individuals)
  5. The public will also be using IT as never before, both growing and straining IT systems for communications between families, not to mention device track-and-tracing, even more, dependent on service availability and capacity than before
  6. Communications, procedures and knowledge articles of all kinds need to be better, simpler, clearer in both B2B and B2C (not to mention G2P – government to the public)

The final point I think worth considering would be the need to integrate IT functions and processes more to deliver these services. Collaboration (and promoting visibility) can’t just happen as part of projects or though management teams anymore. Efficiencies will be attained by the closer alignment of traditional IT silos with functions having a greater need to speak the same language to objective (ITIL).

Now is the time to be proactive in making any transformational changes needed to get your ‘future state’ operational mode ready for any further challenges that may lie ahead, as well as dealing with the ones that are you are already facing. Fox IT continues its efforts to help IT organisations get ahead to supporting their businesses through training – paying for the exam only, and access to FoxPRISM (our process improvement and implementation repository) free for three months.
Fox IT continues extending its support to help businesses be ready for the near future.  We are offering at very little cost, an injection into your business to be prepared for these demands that’ll be placed on IT as described:

  1. Defining and articulating your IT practices, processes, and policies driving standardization and cohesion for service delivery by your remote workforce.
  2. Upskilling your workforce so even remotely they understand and speak the same language! Now including ITIL 4 Strategies: Direct, Plan and Improve


IT Service Management Improvement:


FoxPRISM is our IT service management capability tool.  It helps clients measure, defines, develops and implements an organization’s IT service practices, processes, and policies with a wealth of templates and documents.  It has proven to save up to 50% of the time and a fraction of the cost traditionally delivered by ITSM teams and consultants. An end-to-end self-service platform FoxPRISM will provide the initial ability to measure the maturity of your IT service management environment (using the ISO33001 model) currently across 27 processes.

FoxPRISM provides a platform to build strategic direction for IT – in areas typically less defined such as Demand, Availability and Capacity Management as well as improve core areas such as Incident, Problem, and Change.

To help you accelerate the development of stable service delivery we are offering the use of this tool FREE for 90 days, with tailoring support by our consultants at no cost – if you sign up before the end May 2020.

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Fox IT’s online (self-paced) course will help IT personnel start talking the same language and following the same practices in terms of IT service delivery and management of services.  Remote working and disparate project teams will need to be more effective to achieve success. The training course includes:

  • Online accredited training with sample questions and a sample exam paper & walkthrough
  • The exam voucher to sit the exam remotely
  • Weekly webinars for subscribers to join where our trainers will go through some key points in the course as well as answer some questions put to them live.

Now online – ITIL 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan and Improve

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Those who subscribe to the ITIL 4 Foundation will also get a similar offer for the ITIL 4 professional training courses as they are released over the coming months:

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We sincerely hope you find these two opportunities valuable to you and a way of getting ahead of the uncertainties and controlling what you can!

From all of us at Fox IT – keep yourselves and your families safe and our best wishes during this time.