There’s nothing more certain than uncertainty….

There’s nothing more certain than uncertainty….

Work from Home

A month in, and the awkward, uncomfortable and strange activities are becoming the ‘normal’ of our everyday lives.

Being in a global lockdown has forced us to behave differently.  Many of us are discussing, on various platforms, what life is going to be like after these restrictions are lifted.  There are so many uncertainties we’re struggling to plan for the new normal.

I’ve heard that businesses are unable to start building strategies because of these uncertainties (be they financial, speed to normality in their markets, different engagement models with suppliers, new compliance models, etc).  Employees are struggling with defining a business as usual with the lack of direction or clarity.

The most common message that I’m hearing is that working from home will become a more widespread model for the digital worker.  The first certainty therefore, is that businesses either have or will need to recognize that it is possible for a large proportion of their workforce to work from home.  Some will see an opportunity to cut significant costs (office space, travel, and expense) and drive an improved work-life balance.

This leads to the certainty that remote workers will place an increased demand on the business’s IT Infrastructure and Systems.  Here, investments will need to be made, not just in infrastructure and tools, but also in improving service definitions and IT governance.

And it’s here where many companies fall short with their existing practices.  With staff working in such close proximity, shared practices and systems supported core services (such as to request fulfillment, incident and problem management), but with staff working disparately it’s paramount that practices and processes are standardized and that staff understand and follow them.

This final point is where Fox IT is extending its support to help businesses be ready for certainties in this uncertain time.  We are offering at very little cost, an injection into your business to be prepared for the demand that will be placed on IT by:

  1. Defining and articulating your IT practices, processes and policies driving standardization and cohesion for service delivery by your remote workforce.
  2. Upskilling your workforce so even remotely they understand and speak the same language!


IT Service Management Improvement:


FoxPRISM is our IT service management capability tool.  It helps clients measure, defines, develops and implements an organization’s IT service practices, processes, and policies with a wealth of templates and documents.  It has proven to save up to 50% of the time and a fraction of the cost traditionally delivered by ITSM teams and consultants. An end-to-end self-service platform FoxPRISM will provide the initial ability to measure the maturity of your IT service management environment (using the ISO33001 model) currently across 27 processes.

FoxPRISM provides a platform to build strategic direction for IT – in areas typically less defined such as Demand, Availability and Capacity Management as well as improve core areas such as Incident, Problem, and Change.

To help you accelerate the development of stable service delivery we are offering the use of this tool FREE for 90 days, with tailoring support by our consultants at no cost – if you sign up before the end May 2020.

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Fox IT’s online (self-paced) course will help IT personnel start talking the same language and following the same practices in terms of IT service delivery and management of services.  Remote working and disparate project teams will need to be more effective to achieve success. The training course includes:

  • Online accredited training with sample questions and a sample exam paper & walkthrough
  • The exam voucher to sit the exam remotely
  • Weekly webinars for subscribers to join where our trainers will go through some key points in the course as well as answer some questions put to them live.

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Those who subscribe to the ITIL 4 Foundation will also get a similar offer for the ITIL 4 professional training courses as they are released over the coming months:

itil 4 scheme

We may have confused the market with our initial launch by offering our training for free.  While well-intentioned, the addition of the exam cost (outside of our control) raised more questions and pushback than we anticipated – so we’re re-wording the proposition while maintaining the incredible value of the offer.

Any accredited e-Learning foundation course (ITIL / PRINCE2) will cost £205 (ex VAT).  We believe this is currently the best value deal in the marketplace and we will price match this if you find it elsewhere at a lower price!


We sincerely hope you find these two opportunities valuable to you and a way of getting ahead of the uncertainties and controlling what you can!

From all of us at Fox IT – keep yourselves and your families safe and our best wishes during this time.