Try Not to Train for Success Rather to Train for Value

Try Not to Train for Success, Rather to Train for Value

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For those who have been reading our updates or have spoken with us directly over the last few weeks, you will have read or heard us talking about the upcoming importance of IT Service Management. This isn’t just because it’s the central proposition to our business but due to the impending changes that will occur in everyone’s way of working and in many cases, the way in which we’ll live.

The significantly increased demand on IT infrastructure will need improved governance – fed by repeatable practices, accurate reporting and increased agility and flexibility in supporting businesses through potentially volatile times. A high quality of service from IT departments won’t just be required – it will be expected!

Our industry has seen some changes too! The recent update to the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework to ITIL 4 has seen much bigger amendments in its structure and terminology compared to previous iterations. Those that create, deliver and support IT service delivery will need to go through training and those businesses that follow elements of ITIL v3 will need to understand how (and why) to transition current practices to the new model.

I’m not going into the virtues of IT Service Management or ITIL now but will try and give you some pointers in selecting your ITIL training provider. As part of our research in generating campaigns I’ve come across some things that you should be aware of, or at least consider before you veer away from Fox IT and our prestigious service and contribution to the industry.

eLearning and Virtual training are the new delivery models. Businesses, students and trainers, won’t want to be travelling or put in a confined space for a long while yet. I want to help you navigate the following areas while evaluating an ITIL training provider:

  1. Quality
  2. Accredited training delivery
  3. Price
  4. Support
  5. Value


  1. How can you be sure that the training is good enough to meet your needs?
  2. Does it regurgitate the content in the manuals or does it contextualise the concepts and give real world examples?
  3. Is the person delivering the material an industry expert, professional trainer or voice over artist?

If the training material isn’t constructed with the student’s learning in mind nor delivered with expertise, it will be an uphill struggle to absorb the huge amount of content in ITIL 4 training courses or give the student the confidence to carry it forward.

Fox IT training materials are created and delivered by practising consultants who have over 20 years experience as a practising ITSM professional AND as an ITSM consultant. Our team regularly contributes to the ongoing development of the ITIL framework (and is represented on the UK ISO/IEC 2000 committee).

Accredited Training Delivery

  1. How can you be sure the training is delivered by an accredited training organisation (ATO)?

This is important as these organisations are recognised and licensed by AXELOS (the owner of the Intellectual Property of SWIRL products, which includes ITIL, PRINCE2 etc.) and accredited by Peoplecert (the examination institute for the SWIRL products). Knowing that your training suppliers and trainers are accredited is the ONLY way you can be sure that the material, sample exam questions and trainers meet the rigorous industry standards suitable for you and your employees.

Fox IT has been in the industry since its inception nearly 40 years ago and is one of the few organisations that creates and licenses SWIRL training material internationally. We are licensed with AXELOS and an ATO with Peoplecert.


In the new world of eLearning, prices for training SHOULD be fairly binary. Of course, tailored training options will usually demand additional costs – if these can be provided at all. However, the core elements are

  1. Access to the eLearning course
  2. The certification exam
  3. The invigilator cost for remotely sitting the exam
  4. An optional retake voucher if not successful on the first sitting of the exam

I have seen some prices ranging from high to ridiculous here – even among the numerous offers that exist at the moment during these difficult times. So, I’m going to let you see under the covers here on RRP for exams (GBP in the UK – ex VAT). Peoplecert’s recommended pricing for ITIL 4 Foundation exam is £176, the remote/online invigilator cost is £36 and the Take 2 option is £53, a total of £212 (£265 with Take 2)

Fox IT’s promotional price during this time for ITIL 4 Foundation course, remote exam and optional Take 2 – £255. Without the Take 2 voucher – £205. Access to our training is free.

You can make your own mind up here on some of the pricing you’re seeing in the market.

Additional Support

Most individuals who go through eLearning training want to do it at their own pace with their own resources. Sometimes they want to reach out with some questions, sometimes answered by our friend Google, sometimes asking a friend. It can be challenging going through so much content, particularly if it’s a new topic. How is your training provider offering any additional expert guidance on the material being taught?

Slightly different for businesses. Their investment into employee training and development has an expectation that it will increase the efficiency and skills for the benefit of the organisation? What options are you getting from your training supplier to support the training initiative towards a successful investment rather than a check box exercise?

Fox IT’s material delivers more content than just the slides – with numerous notes to contextualise the points being covered and answer many common questions that come up in our training classes. In addition, we can provide a group leader role to track and monitor progress of employees in which their business has invested in.


With the limited time that people generally have these days, it’s uncommon for people to go through training that will not deliver any value for themselves or their businesses.

  1. Is the training just a single license to gain access to the material or can you tailor the training to meet your needs?
  2. Are you able to create additional value that fits the purpose for you, your team or company?
  3. Is it just training, or does it go beyond that such as contributing to organisational change?

Fox IT offers a year’s access to the training (as opposed to three or six months access by other providers), so it becomes a reference tool to support ongoing initiatives – be they personal or to enhance your efforts or initiatives in the workplace.

For businesses taking their investments seriously, Fox IT can provide a tailored solution to the training, be it including live trainer sessions in a structured training session or modules and messages contextualised to the business’ objectives.

My last point covering all of the above would be on concerning membership training schemes. As attractive as ‘one price all you can eat’ buffet of training (such as Pluralsight, Udemy, LinkedIN Learning, courseera etc.) might be, they are content providers, not training organisations. With regard to ITIL (and other SWIRL products) they cannot provide accredited training, assure you of their quality or provide contextual support. In addition, as well as paying for the license to the courses, you’ll end up having to source exams separately and likely to pay a higher cost for them. Inevitably this introduces a risk to your learning and drives the purpose of training to a check box exercise.

I hope this has been helpful and insightful to you. Ultimately the decision is yours (and, of course, the person paying the bill!) and with all bias aside, you should, at the very least, be considering Fox IT as your training provider for ITIL…..and PRINCE2……and…..

Keep an eye out for the next article on how Fox IT helps you beyond training.

All the best, stay safe!

Ashley and the Fox IT team.


IT Service Management Improvement:


FoxPRISM is our IT service management capability tool.  It helps clients measure, defines, develops and implements an organization’s IT service practices, processes, and policies with a wealth of templates and documents.  It has proven to save up to 50% of the time and a fraction of the cost traditionally delivered by ITSM teams and consultants. An end-to-end self-service platform FoxPRISM will provide the initial ability to measure the maturity of your IT service management environment (using the ISO33001 model) currently across 27 processes.

FoxPRISM provides a platform to build strategic direction for IT – in areas typically less defined such as Demand, Availability and Capacity Management as well as improve core areas such as Incident, Problem, and Change.

To help you accelerate the development of stable service delivery we are offering the use of this tool FREE for 90 days, with tailoring support by our consultants at no cost – if you sign up before the end May 2020.

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Fox IT’s online (self-paced) course will help IT personnel start talking the same language and following the same practices in terms of IT service delivery and management of services.  Remote working and disparate project teams will need to be more effective to achieve success. The training course includes:

  • Online accredited training with sample questions and a sample exam paper & walkthrough
  • The exam voucher to sit the exam remotely
  • Weekly webinars for subscribers to join where our trainers will go through some key points in the course as well as answer some questions put to them live.

Now online – ITIL 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan and Improve

To enrol on your training course, click below!

Enrol for Training

Those who subscribe to the ITIL 4 Foundation will also get a similar offer for the ITIL 4 professional training courses as they are released over the coming months:

itil 4 scheme


We sincerely hope you find these two opportunities valuable to you and a way of getting ahead of the uncertainties and controlling what you can!

From all of us at Fox IT – keep yourselves and your families safe and our best wishes during this time.